Raccoon's Lair - LowPoly VR escape room

Creation of a VR scene in the LowPoly ArtStyle. This project was to promote the Video-Game opportunity toward local banks

Spring 2018

Cockpit of the zeppelin, the player need to find the right combinaison of number to start the engine Full of wire and machinery A propeller on fire, the zeppelin is crashing ! The escape pod, the player need to save the zeppelin before he can leave. Some machinery.. Again.

Genre : Adventure
Production Time : 2 Week
Softwares : Blender, Unreal
Job : 3D Artist
Team : ArtFX Prom' 2019 (22 people)

Task : Artistic Direction, 3D Modeling, Integration, FX, Material Shader Graph Unreal.

Our school wanted to promote the Student's opportunity in Video-Games towards local banks. And they really loved the experience ! We had to build 6 VR rooms with different Gameplay and ArtStyle. I did all the Artistic Direction, 3D model and integration for the LowPoly room.

I made a total of 60 3D assets. The particularity of the LowPoly style is that I used only à 16x16 Texture map to apply color to the models. By only unwrapping UV on the specific pixel of color I wanted.

Trash, Metal and Wires Assets Some gameplay elements asked by the GameDesigner in charge of the room Decorative assets

Download it now on Itch.Io !