Pirate Space Crafter

LudumDare 42. Creation of a video game in 72 hours. Solo submission.

Summer 2018

The compressor and the furnace The assembler and the electrolizer The door when you need to deliver asked items

Genre : Puzzle, Sandbox.
Production Time : 72 hours.
Softwares : Unity, Blender, Substance.
Team : Only me.
Task : Gameplay, GameArt, Programming, SoundDesign.

This game was made in 72h by myself for the Ludumdare 42. "In this game, a Space pirate lord ask you to craft some weapons. Put dozen of objects into 4 differents machines to find what will get out of it. Find over 40 differents items."

The theme of this Gamejam was "Running out of Space". I decided to remember myself some gaming moment where I was thinking the same thing. After the SimCity 5 Game. I thought of Factorio. In Factorio, you always need space to extend your factory. It's only a matter of time until your belt system get messy. So I wanted something like that for my game. That why the level get disordered after a time.

The final product have an PlayTime session of 15 to 30 minutes. A lot of people enjoyed the idea despite of some collision bugs. The project got over 350 Downloads on ItchIO.

I am very happy with the final result. It was a challenge to make all that content alone in that amount of time.

So give it a try and play it now !