CNRS GameJam - 2D Platformer Game

Creation of a video game in partnership with the CRNS and Genyopolis. As part of an event organized by ArtFX

Screen of one animation present in the game, made by Sarah Testardo The goal is to get 4 Protein (the colorfull character) and deliver them to the sAPPa The game is time-limited, alzheimer is taking terrain over the neuron, be quick !

Genre : Platformer
Production Time : 1 Week
Softwares : Unity (C#)
Job : Programmer
Task : Gameplay & Tool programmer

Team :
PAYAN Hugo - Doctorant IGF
ZAMEL Steven - GameDesigner
RODEWALD Loic - GameDesigner
HERNANDEZ Thibaud - GameDesigner
EICHER Gaspard - Game Artist
TESTARDO Sarah - Cutscene animator
SARRADE Trystan - Programmer

Our school had the chance to make a game in partnership with the CNRS and Genyopolis. We had to illustrate the thesis of doctorants with video games. In 1 week, I programmed the whole game in Unity (C#).

The game designers gaved me a great challenge; Doing a 2D platformer in a round shaped world. And I did it with success ! I created a custom Unity Tool that allow the Level-Designer to choose the position and length of the platform. Then my system automaticly calculate the shape and the number of tiles to generate. The collision area is also generated during Editor-Time.

You can see the screenshot of the tool above.
I also did some more classic stuff, like a timer, a scoring system, player movement for keyboard and Xbox Gamepad.

Download it now on Itch.Io !