Dungeon Slaughter

GameDev Network : Cherry Jam. Creation of a video game in 1 week. Solo submission.

Summer 2017

The explosive arrow is one of the 4 abilities the player can use

Genre : TopDown Dungeon Crawler.
Production Time : 1 Week.
Softwares : Construct 2, Pyxel Edit.
Team : Only me.
Task : Gameplay, Pixel Art, Programming, SoundDesign

This Gamejam was my second one. The theme was 'Dungeon' so I naturally made a Top-Down Dungeon Crawler game. Otherwise the originality of the Gameplay. It was the first time I did a such complete PixelArt game.

I did a complete set of tilable environment asset. It allowed me to create a very large map. I have also done an ability system with cooldown. 1 Trap, 3 enemies with a basic but working IA. a life system and a Key collectible system.

Nothing to say more about this. I did a correct job for a Solo gamejam submission. People enjoyed it despite the difficulty of some controls.
I was happy when I finished it. If you want to take a look, it's here on Itch.IO :