Space Monkey

Global Gamejam 2019

January 2019

Light and Environment rendered inside Unreal in less than 2 hours of work ! The player need to explore the asteroid belt to find his crew

Genre : Exploration / Survival
Production Time : 48 hours
Softwares : Unreal, Blender
Task : Environment, Light, Integration.

Team :
- Julien RIPPSTEIN - Programmer
- Lorène HUE - Game Designer
- Flore ARGENTIERI - 3D Artist & DA
- Gaspard EICHER - 3D Artist
- Trystan SARRADE - 3D Artist
- Guillaume ROEDER - 3D Artist

Space Monkey is an exploration game. The hero is an astronaut monkey aboard a spaceship having recently suffered a damage. Several valuable members of his crew and some parts of the ship were propelled outside, in the space vacuum. After placing the ship on a planet with difficulty, the hero must find the lost crew members and parts of the ship.

We all did a good job for this gamejam, the team was very kind and friendly and we had very good feedback from people playing it. You can give it a try by downloading the game on Itch.IO :