French Construct Game Jam #5. Creation of a video game in 72 hours. Solo submission.

Summer 2017

The left world is the one the player can move on. The right world is only accessible in a certain way Bullets and fire do damages in the left world. The enemis are always in the right world.

Genre : Puzzle Platformer
Production Time : 72 hours.
Softwares : Construct 2, Pyxel Edit.
Team : Only me.
Task : Gameplay, Pixel Art, Programming, SoundDesign

This was my first Gamejam. The theme was "Two Rooms". So I found the idea of a Platformer-Puzzle game where some objects are only visible in one room, but are usable in some way in the other room.

I found this idea really quickly. The concept of ennemis and moving platforms came in the same time I did the levels.
The final result is not bad for a first GameJam. The game have 5 levels for an approximation of 5 minutes of PlayTime.

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